Good Goods - Reusable Wine Bottle

Same bottle.
Better future.

waste in wine.

We're bringing reuse to wine by collecting our empty bottles from customers at their local stores. From there, we wash and return them to the winemakers so the bottles can live many lives on the shelf and in your home— and out of the landfill.

  • Grab a bottle at the store.

    a returnable bottle in store
  • Sip away.

    a glass of wine poured from a wine bottle that can be returned
  • Scan your empty bottle at the store.

    Person returning a bottle at the store
  • Enjoy a credit toward your next bottle.

    redeem your credit from phone from back of reusable wine bottle
  • We collect and wash your used bottles.

    wine bottle getting cleaned for reuse
  • Winemakers use them to bottle new wine.

    returnable bottle getting refilled

For the good
of the planet

As wine lovers, we care deeply about ensuring the future of the earth our grapes grow on. That means re-envisioning our consumption habits. Making just a single new wine bottle puts 2.7 lbs of CO2 into the environment, contributing to warming temperatures and erratic weather patterns. We’re working toward a regenerative economy where the earth is freed up to produce resources, not house more waste. Join us.

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We’re in
good company.

We’re able to take on this work thanks to a community of producers, suppliers, and supporters. If you’d like to join the 0 producers partnering in reuse, reach out to us!

Todd Cavallo from Wild Arc Farms holding Good Goods reusable wine bottle

    Find us.

    We’re partnered with several stores in the New York metro area— have them point you toward the Good Goods, and remember that you get a credit toward your next bottle for every one you return.

    If you’d like to see us at a store near you, share our site with your bottle shop or click here.